Pharmacy Website Design


All pharmacies need a professionally designed HIPAA compliant pharmacy website Design or website developed for their pharmacy business.

Not having a well designed pharmacy website in today’s market means like not approving & meeting to the customer need for online transaction. Websites guide the customers to fall back to your pharmacy for the ease of the process your website provides in getting the medicines

Meeting this need PharmacyLive offers the best custom pharmacy web design in the industry. Our clients stand out from their competition with our pharmacy website development that captivates and generates leads.
We help you create every type of website including e-commerce pharmacy custom web designs.

Digital Marketing is key

All of our websites are designed to reflect your pharmacy and the services you offer. We highlight services we think will get patients to switch to your pharmacy. We as a pharmacy website company work directly with you to come up with a website that matches your pharmacies brand. Refills included! 


Pharmacy Marketing Solutions for Independent Pharmacies

Professional Pharmacy Website Design


Having a Pharmacy website designed professionally is key for any business, especially pharmacies. We make sure your website has an elegant design unlike any other pharmacy website.

We do not use any templates for our websites, each pharmacy web design & site is custom made and branded to your business. We make sure your website is unique or has specific functionalities so that it stands out among competitors.

Our team of experts come up with various pharmacy website ideas that match with the market needs as well as the vision you have for your independent pharmacy business. Pharmacy website development is an art & our work proves that we  seem to have mastered it!

Developing a marketing plan to meet goals

PharmacyLive tailors to your marketing goals, increases brand awareness and converts patients looking to transfer or prescribers hoping to learn more about your pharmacy.

If your website currently isn’t being used as a marketing tool to grow your pharmacy, contact us! We make sure your website is a digital extension of your business with some of the best pharmacy website features & designs.


Some of our best independent pharmacy website designs

Request online Refills


With online refill requests, patients can now request refills 24 hours a day, all days a week, during or after business hours. This is a required feature for any pharmacy custom web designs.
In fact, the online prescription refill is one of the most important convenience feature customers looks for!

Usually, these requests can go directly to your inbound queue in your pharmacy system if applicable.


Have a look at some of our most read topics:


Website Design for Pharmacy


We work with you to showcase your services offered. Perhaps your pharmacy offers packaging, compounding or free delivery. We highlight these services to clearly display on your website and stand out from your competition.

Your services are designed around your patients. Let our designers get your message out, loud & clear.

We make sure your independent pharmacy website is itself a great marketing tool for your pharmacy business!

Be compliant with HIPAA


All of our websites are designed to protect your patients PHI. We ensure all traffic is encrypted on your pharmacy website. PharmacyLive understands the importance of complying with HIPAA standards and take this very seriously.

If your current website isn’t secure or compliant, reach out to us and we would be glad to assist. We make sure that all our pharamcy website design is HIPPA compliant.


Hosted and managed Professionally


We host and manage our websites for our clients. We take care of any changes needed, security updates, CMS updates and more.

PharmacyLive offers our clients a hand-free and worry-free website development service option. All revisions and updates are done quickly and efficiently. We understand you are busy running your independent pharmacy, let our professional designers maintain the digital extension of your business.
So what are you waiting for! Contact us now for our pharmacy website development services.

Important areas we consider when creating the best pharmacy website design.


  • Simplifying Options:

More options that you provide an individual the more choices they have, the longer it’ll take for them to decide.

When presented with too many choices (navigation items, dropdown menus that offer too many options) the brain gets overwhelmed. This can result in limited actions or none even. In the end, users frequently leave websites and not bother to determine the exact location to which hyperlinks take them to.

When creating website, we consolidate data into distinct categories. Also, including information about each subcategory together. For instance, create a single page that lists your services. Customers can view everything that your pharmacy has to offer without needing to navigate your website.

  • We Create A Human Touch:

In the digital age, human connection does not need to go away.

To create an emotional bond with your customers, we include a photo of yours or your team in your web site. If you create a connection on the internet your customers will feel your pharmacy more personal and likable.

  • We Utilize Short Sentences and Paragraphs:

Long paragraphs that contain lengthy descriptions of services, or long descriptions of specific products may confuse users.

Instead of long paragraphs, we give general information and brief descriptions with an eye – catching headline. These methods help readers find the information they require to quickly make a decision on whether the article will be of interest to them.

  • Clean & Clear Pharmacy Website Design

It is essential that your site is easy to scan and your content is easy to digest.

It is a good idea to pay attention to the cognitive load of your users. We don’t try to overwhelm them with a plethora of colors or images. We make your site simple and enjoyable for visitors by using a clean and simple design, as well as meaningful (and only important) content.

The best way to achieve this is to create an orderly visual hierarchy. The idea is to arrange the design elements on websites by importance. For instance, if a headline is big, striking in color and centered on a webpage, it immediately is perceived as more significant than something else and not distinctively colored and offset.

It is also essential to utilize white space in a way that is effective. It’s the negative space in between layout elements, paragraphs , and visual elements. By designing using white space as a primary consideration makes your content easier to scan, easier to digest, and less demanding for the eye to see.

All of the above methods is extremely healthy and beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO) goal. It gives an increase to the position of your site.


Pharmacy Website Design meant to grow your pharmacy


1. How do I create a pharmacy website?

It is a very easy process to create your pharmacy website,

  1. Select a Pharmacy website design Template for our website.
  2. Publish all the important data that you want to show to the users
  3. Upload all the necessary images that you need
  4. Write all the topics that interests the most to your customers.
    You can read more about how to create pharmacy website designs here.
2. Why does a pharmacy need a website?

In todays world you need a online presence for your business to grow. In order take your business online you need a website and that is where we at Pharmacylive can help you to design a Best Pharmacy Website. Pharmacy website development is a significant part of any pharmacy marketing plan today!

3. How can I promote or market my online presence for my pharmacy Business?

You can promote your online presence by doing these things:

  1. SEO Optimization
  2. Online Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Create Video Content on Youtube and Website
  5. Frequently Uploading blogs on your website
4. Will developing a Pharmacy Website increase sales?

Yes by developing your pharmacy website you can increase your sales, as you have started building your online presence you will start getting leads for your services and it will grow slowly and steadily. You can google us for best pharmacy websites design or pharmacy website development.