Google Advertising for the pharmacy industry has become a hot selling marketing campaign that allowed several pharma owners to step into the online advertising world and turn visitors into potential patients. It one of the best pharmacy marketing ideas to try now.

It seems like the online advertising mantra for the pharmacy business has turned out to be a successful one. People use Google daily to search for vaccines, OTC items, travel health, or something related to their health, and if you’re running Google Ads, BOOM, you’ve got a CLICK.

According to Digital Third Coast

80% of businesses focus on Google Ads for PPC campaigns because it converts 50% better than organic search results

If you’re a pharmacy business owner looking to enter into Google Ads, now it’s the time to step up and win the game. But before kickstarting, you should know that Google has updated its Google Ads policy to allow independent pharmacy businesses to advertise in Google Ads. 


How Google Treats Pharmacy Ads?

When it comes to pharmacy advertising, it isn’t a paid search tool for marketing, Google has strict regulations and a list of guidelines that depicts what kind of marketing techniques and advertising is allowed for you.
However, the rules are different for different countries. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration is the group that does and if you’re a pharmaceutical company I am sure you must be aware of its laws.
And if you’re unaware of it, just click here to know everything. Make sure to not break the rules, Google could reject your ad campaign and it can lead to suspension. So, you need to be aware of this before promoting your pharmacy services via Google Ads.

Google’s Updated Google Advertising Policies For Online Pharmacies

In April 2020, Google updated the US and Canada country-specifics of the Healthcare and medicines policy to allow certified pharmacies to promote online pharmacy services.

As a result, LegitScript-certified pharmacies may apply for Healthcare related advertising effective immediately.
But do you know Google allows online pharmacies if they are officially recognized by one of the two organizations listed below:

1. LegitScript Healthcare Merchant Certification and Monitoring Program

 Internet Pharmacy Certification – This certification is available to websites that accept:

  • Refills
  • Transfers or new prescriptions
  • Pharmacies that fill via mail-order
  • Other forms of remote ordering service
  • Telemedicine Certification – This certification is available to websites that offer telemedicine
  • Virtual healthcare services
  • Facilitate prescribing

2. National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)

  • VIPPS — Available to pharmacies with full online functionality, including the sale (or facilitation of sale) of prescription drugs or the acceptance of new prescription drug orders through their website.
  • Pharmacy Verified Websites Program — Pharmacy websites with a “Pharmacy” top-level domain are available to pharmacies with full or limited online functionality, including sale (or facilitation of sale) of prescription drugs or services, acceptance of new prescription drug orders through their website, and prescription refills or transfers.

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Things To Remember Before Advertising Your Pharmacy Services on Google

Google has a long list of guidelines when it comes to healthcare and medicine advertising. Before heading to the advertising section and promoting your services or product, you’ll need to ensure whether your product is allowed to advertise or not.
Violating Google Ad’s policy will lead to disapproval of ads, disabling your re-marketing list, or they may even suspend your account forever.

So, here is a list of Google’s unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements that you should look into:

1. Google Does Not Allow the Promotion of Unapproved Substance

  • All items on this non-exhaustive list of prohibited pharmaceuticals and supplements
  • Products that contain ephedra
  • Products containing human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in relation to weight loss or weight control or when promoted in conjunction with anabolic steroids
  • Herbal and dietary supplements with active pharmaceutical or dangerous ingredients
  • False or misleading health claims, including claims implying that a product is as effective as prescription drugs or controlled substances
  • Non-government approved products that are marketed in a way that implies that they’re safe or effective for use in preventing, curing, or treating a particular disease or ailment
  • Products that have been subject to any government or regulatory action or warning
  • Products with names that are confusingly similar to an unapproved pharmaceutical or supplement or controlled substance.

2. Google Strictly Rejects the Use Of Prescription Drug Terms

Google doesn’t like using prescription drug terms in ad pages, landing pages, keywords, or the source code of a webpage. Here are two significant points to remember:

  • If you’re targeting your campaign in Canada, New Zealand, or the United States, then you have the chance to use prescription drug terms. However, you must be certified by Google to serve ads.
  • If your campaigns do not target Canada, New Zealand, or the United States, you may not use prescription drug terms in ad text or landing pages.


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