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Creating an effective pharmacy marketing plan is an essential part of whether you’re running a pharmacy business or getting started. The primary reason behind building a complete pharmacy marketing plan for the business will attract more and more patients so that your business can increase.

Remember, it will only boost if you’re applying effective pharmacy marketing strategies. However, there are several ways to create a marketing plan for pharmacy. Thus, having a good plan with great pharmacy marketing ideas will not only bring immense success, but also it will skyrocket your business in the pharmacy digital marketing world.


What is a pharmacy marketing plan?

Pharmacy is a healthcare system in which you deal directly with the patients. So it is of key importance to achieve patient satisfaction and interest to grow and this is known as pharmacy marketing. A Pharmacy Marketing Plan is a complete roadmap & essential thing to succeed and amplify your brand awareness in every possible way. Good pharmacy marketing ideas help in having a good pharmacy marketing plan which will further help you list out each & everything strategically to give a clear vision of how you can grow your business successfully.

What are the steps to building an effective pharmacy marketing plan?

There are 9 steps to building an effective pharmacy marketing plan to grow your business:

1. Plan for success

2. Better communication with the customers

3. Pharmacy social media marketing is a modern technique

4. Pharmacy digital marketing is an influential tool

5. A look into the pharmacy industry future

6. Pharmacy Marketing through email and texting

7. Getting positive reviews on websites and social media

8. Door drops, leaflets and brochures

9. A perfect and distinctive pharmacy design

1. Plan for success

Nothing is possible without proper planning. First, you should have the knowledge and an idea of the requirements, status and circumstances of the population where you are going to start the business. As a community pharmacy, your staff is responsible to provide healthcare services to your community, so one should have a detailed pharmacy marketing plan for that specific region. 

Pharmacy Digital Marketing is the way to forward. Communication, technology and social media are great ways to achieve your marketing goals. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use both to market your business.

2. Better communication with the customers

Photo of pharmacist talking to patientCommunication has always had a very positive and powerful impact on business. In the case of community pharmacy, a competent pharmacist can do this job very effectively. Help patients understand their prescriptions and how to get maximum benefits out of that particular medicine. As a community pharmacist, you can express an interest for each patient, this is something they will not find at a large chain pharmacy. You want the patient to feel more than just a prescription number once they leave the pharmacy. Train staff to greet all patients and make sure they are taken care of. Better Communication is a key to a good pharmacy Marketing plan


3. Pharmacy social media marketing is a modern technique

In this modern era, where gadgets are in everyone’s hands, pharmacy social media marketing is a powerful tool. You can create your own business pages and profiles to promote your pharmacy. Its low cost and easy access make it a great option. However, before taking an initiative, you have to be fully prepared and planned. Many platforms can be used like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube thus making social media an important part of your pharmacy marketing plan. Social media can be used to display updates, promotions, vaccines, grand openings, photos of the staff and more. To grab the attention and interest of customers keep the following points in your mind

  • Attractive colours and pictures can be used.
  • Always post relevant information
  • Staff should be trained so that irrelevant and inappropriate stuff must not be uploaded. 
  • Boundaries should be maintained. 
  • Violation of rules should be avoided. 
  • Always confirm that the information about medicine and drugs is authentic and accurate. 
  • Be ready to get positive as well as negative comments. 
  • Take criticism positively to modify your work.

4. Pharmacy digital marketing is an influential tool

Pharmacy digital marketing is a great way to market your business today. Mobile applications and online communities are also ways of pharmacy digital marketing. Focused and value based content with appropriate information can nurture your business. Also, user friendly websites with optimised designs are helpful in digital pharmacy marketing.

A relevant question answer session with patients will not only increase your interaction with them but will also increase their satisfaction and information about their medication. You can say it is a modern style of patient counselling with the pharmacist. Take advantage of this type of one on one interaction with your patients as much as possible. Pharmacy digital marketing can literally do wonders for your business & brand too!

5. A look into the pharmacy industry future

A thought provoking and a well created hashtag or storyline is a smart way to reach new patients. In digital pharmacy marketing, virtual reality is expected to grow very fast. This technology will melt the ice between a patient and a pharmacist through virtual clinics and consultations. It will increase the comfort level and trust of patients on their medication and their pharmacy.

Using messaging apps, websites, chatbots and SEO is also very effective to reach new younger demographics. Research shows that 90% of 18-24 years search for information about their disease and its medication through these digital techniques.

6. Pharmacy Marketing through email and texting

Pharmacy digital marketing can also be done by sending regular emails and text messages to the patients. Sending relevant content to your patients such as when their prescription will be refilled, ready to be picked up or will return to stock are nice reminders. This pharmacy advertising idea is a good way to keep you in touch with your valuable customers. 

7. Getting positive reviews on websites and social media:

Always ask for honest feedback from your customers. It will not only increase your trust relationship with the customer but also have a powerful impact on the business. A patient or prescriber always looks for positive feedback on your profile and websites. Social Media & google help in growing a user generated content which creates more credibility for our pharmacy as a brand. This is often the only item potentially new patients will know about your business.

Image of a review left for pharmacy

8. A trained pharmacy staff

Neat, clean and well dressed trained pharmacy staff with excellent communication skills and competency will make your pharmacy very attractive and trustworthy for the clients. Some pharmacies design matching t-shirts to promote a service. For example, have a t-shirt that promotes Synchronization or Flu Shots.

9. Door drops, leaflets and brochures

Door drops, leaflets and brochures about discounts and new products in the pharmacy is also a positive approach. This keeps your patients informed and starts to build a relationship. This is an easy and low cost technique to keep people aware of your modifications.

10. A perfect and distinctive pharmacy design  

Bright color combinations, extraordinary design, well dressed staff and attractive signage make the pharmacy acceptable and attractive. Vitamins and hard to find items should be placed clearly in view of the customers. If your pharmacy partners with another local company are sure to highlight their items to show you also support shopping local. A great pharmacy design plan plays a very important role for every pharmacy marketing strategies!

A photo inside of a pharmacy with good signage for marketing

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Why is it important to have a pharmacy marketing plan?

As the pharmacy industry slowly (and I mean slowly) progresses towards modernization, it is essential to stay relative through marketing. New technologies and methods are introduced. So is the case with pharmacies. Pharmacy is considered to be a low profit business. So it becomes essential to have a great pharmacy marketing plan, the pharmacy manager or owner should generate digital and improved strategies to grow their business, they need to consistently come up with new pharmacy advertising ideas.. They should counsel and communicate with patients through social, electronic and digital media for their pharmacy advertising purpose. Use technology and digital marketing to make it easier not only for patients but also for pharmacists and their staff.



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