6 Digital Marketing Ideas for Pharmacies

We’re living in a diverse generation; fueled with many Pharmacy Marketing strategies for Independent Pharmacy businesses to take it to the next level. But only if you’re ready to plunge into the Pharmacy Digital Marketing world.

As with many avenues, it can be preserved as rather daunting when looking at these avenues from the outside. So, whether you’re starting an independent pharmacy business or looking for pharmacy business strategies to stand out from the competitors, then we’ve pulled together a guide of the six best pharmacy digital marketing strategies for independent pharmacy marketing.


5 Problem Solving Pharmacy Digital Marketing Strategies For Independent Pharmacy Business

Here are the simple pharmacy digital marketing strategies for your independent pharmacy business :

  1. Google My Business For Pharmacy
  2. Facebook For Pharmacies
  3. Google and Facebook/Instagram Ads
  4. Ask Patients To Leave A Review
  5. Start Adding Video To Your Marketing Strategy

 1. Google My Business For Pharmacy 

Internet supergiant, Google has become the international hub for everything from e-commerce to small local retailers. So if you want to know something about, well, anything, then chances are you’re going to Google it. 

So instead of avoiding it, why not join it! 

As reported by independent researchers, approximately 70,000 Google searches happen every second. However, if avid, potential customers look for your services as we speak, nothing’s there to support these key searches. Exactly. 

Google My Business for Pharmacy is a FREE to use opportunity, serving potential customers with informative pieces about your business.

When signing up to the service, simply list key bits about your business like your address, location, phone number etc., and when searching, your customers will get a prominent list of facts, easy, right?

Don’t forget; these details are only helpful if they’re up-to-date. If you have anything changed in your services, remember to update those changes and keep details refreshed frequently to avoid lost business. 

Google Posts in Google my Business

Don’t forget about the “Post” feature of Google Business. This is very similar to a Facebook post. These posts allow current and potential customers to see what is happening at the pharmacy. These posts also help with your SEO when someone is searching for a pharmacy nearby.

2. Facebook For Pharmacies 

Nowadays, Facebook’s used for far more than keeping in touch with distant friends and family. As of 2021, more than 2.21 billion people hold a profile on the social networking platform and frequently use it to engage with business, services and numerous other online communities. 

If you take away one key piece of information from today’s post, don’t overlook the potential in Social Media Marketing for Pharmacists. Millions of people worldwide search for a business like yours daily; the probability of them engaging with your pharmacy lies in the digital community you build around your pharmacy’s digital presence. 

Honestly, we could sit here all day and tell you the numerous avenues you should be navigating to create an engaged and successful page. But, if you’re starting from scratch, then simply focus on the facts you want to share with your community.

Get posts, showcase your latest services, promotions going on in store and news related to your business. Keep it up, and organically the users should follow suit.

3. Google and Facebook/Instagram Ads

In recent years, following the multitude of users onto these platforms, Facebook (who owns Instagram) and Google have started to offer easy to use media that give your business the potential to run things such as Google Ads which are also helpful to Independent Pharmacy Business.

Facebook ad campaign for a pharmacy

If you’ve never experienced the opportunities that come with paid alternatives to online advertising, then you’re missing out!

Although it can take time to understand how to promote your business through advertising, both platforms provide guides from total beginners to advanced walk-through to give you the best fighting chance to display your ads.

Be prepared however, because your competition is already using Google Ads and the budget that Walgreens, Amazon and CVS have for advertising is infinite compared to a small business.

Don’t feel discouraged because their ads show above yours. As long as your pharmacy is listed as an option and visible you are already increasing your brand and potential for new patients to find you.

Even a new pharmacy business can do it with a proper & effective pharmacy marketing package. A great pharmacy digital marketing plan plays an important role to grow your business today!

4. Ask Patients To Leave A Review 

Sometimes, nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing. Daily users, through platforms like Google and TrustPilot, read and review products and services; regardless of whether they’ve had a good or bad experience, this reviews helps independent businesses like a small independent pharmacy business for example.

Despite these being popular options, as humans, we sometimes simply forget to review our personal experiences. By promoting little prompts to these audiences, whether you choose to add these to business cards or post something for your network of social media followers, chances are you’ll end up getting more in return. 

It’s as simple as that. 

Next time you’re at the register, recommend the customer to check out your online Google page and ask them kindly if they can share their experience. 

Google review for Soleil Pharmacy in Glen Burnie Maryland

5. Start Adding Video To Your Marketing Strategy 

In recent years, platforms such as TikTok have driven users to favour videos. You might not know it, but organic algorithms on platforms like Instagram and Facebook favour video content over simple photos; in return giving them far more extensive reach and impressions on these channels. 

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be the next Steven Spielberg. Sometimes a simple video around your pharmacy highlighting your latest product range or services is all it takes to have customers liking, sharing and visiting your pharmacy location. 

video of pharmacist talking to patient

Next time you’re on your social media feed, take in the variety of content you enjoy! Think about the creative ways you can recreate your favourite online trends and have fun with your online patients. 

Pharmacy Digital Marketing Strategies – Final Thoughts

As Pharmacy owners ourselves, we understand what it takes to help your platform grow and thrive online. If you’re feeling you need some extra support and guidance to elevate your business with great pharmacy marketing ideas, then look no further.

At PharmacyLive we provide a full-funnel Marketing Plan with web designing & logo designing  for Pharmacies, brought to you by leading industry experts. For people starting an independent pharmacy business we are the perfect partners to grow their business through digital marketing. 

We customize the pharmacy digital marketing plans depending upon  the need of the business.

We manage your social media accounts for you. We create organic and custom branded content to post on your Google and Social Media. We also help you create digital ads to increase your reach, generate more phone calls and more visitors visiting your pharmacy. 

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