Are you looking to add creativity but don’t have any pharmacy blog post ideas? Well, if that’s the case, then this article will help you.

Blogs are a must when it comes to discussing and promoting your online pharmacy business. They also establish your business voice and influence in a way that resonates with your consumers.

If your blogs tell stories, share advice, and humbly promote the company, you have a far higher chance of converting those website visitors to customers than if they’re just looking at your website content.

pharmacy blog post ideas

Websites with blogs have 97% more indexed links, 434% more indexed pages, and 126% lead generation capability


Finding out creative blog post ideas and curating interesting content is one of the major reasons why people follow your blog posts and on several social media networks.

However, it can become challenging to come up with pharmacy blog post ideas if you’re unaware of where to start.

I know that might hurt you, but don’t worry to help you get started or revamp your existing blog; Pharmacy Live has come up with ten amazing pharmacy blog post ideas to rank highly on Google Search Engine Results Page.

So let’s delve deeper and take a look



Top 10 Pharmacy Blog Post Ideas To Rank Higher on Google:

  1. Create A Blog of Frequently Asked Questions


  2. Upload Interactive and Eye-Catching Posts


  3. Create Videos About Your Pharmacy


  4. Run a Contest That Appeals Your Audience


  5. Host Virtual Events or Newsletters


  6. Creating Health Topics For Seniors


  7. Reply To All The Comments


  8. Offer Downloadable Worksheets and Organizers


  9. Introduce Pharmacy Healthcare Services


  10. Create Popular Influencer Guest Posts

pharmacy blog post ideas points

1. Create A Blog of Frequently Asked Questions

What about those questions that keep scratching your head every time? Well, you can create a blog post and answer all those questions that keep popping up on your website all the time.

For example:

If a user is looking for an answer like how should I take this medication? Or what is this medication used for? You can answer these questions easily by creating a blog post.

Solving people’s queries through a blog post will answer all the questions you are getting every time. Moreover, doing this will make your user turn into a potential customer because they’ll get a sense of satisfaction that someone is there to help them out.

2. Upload Interactive and Eye-Catching Posts

Remember, creating a blog post is nice, but if you’re looking for a blog that engages and interacts with your audience, then adding high-quality and interactive images can boost up your blog post.

You can use this amazing opportunity to increase engagement and generate potential leads. The best way to make your blog post attractive is by using a photo scavenger hunt contest.

Yep! That’s right. A photo scavenger hunt contest will help you drive organic traffic to your website and generate word-of-mouth promotion.

3. Create Videos About Your Pharmacy

One of the best ways to make your pharmacy blog post shine is by creating videos about your pharmacy because video informs and entertains people no matter if it’s good or bad.

In today’s modern digital world, several people prefer to watch a video rather than reading an entire page filled with text.

Many providers build an impersonal relationship with their patients, which is one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry.

You can break the chain by creating high-quality videos showcasing your pharmacy. Also, you can include your entire team from staff to managers, or you can take people behind the scenes to get their opinion about what they think when it comes to discussing your pharmacy.

4. Run a Contest That Appeals Your Audience

Nowadays, every pharmacy service creates blog posts to attract an audience, but does it make them unique from others? The answer is probably NO. But you can become unique by adding creativity to your blog post.

The best thing you can do is run an engagement-based contest on your blog post and offer various gifts as a prize.

Let me help you with an example:

You can promote your hoodies and ask customers to click and post a photo of themselves showcasing that they are wearing your pharmacy gear to stand a chance to win a prize.
Running an engagement-based contest will generate tons of engagement from all your existing customers and broadens your reach.

5. Host Virtual Events or Newsletters

Hosting virtual events or newsletters are becoming popular nowadays. Every industry is taking a step to generate potential leads, so why can’t you?

Hosting educational webinars or online wellness classes is a significant way to grow your fruitful audience.

You can educate patients regarding common conditions and treat them effectively or promote new and seasonal products made to help the audience.

Doing this will drive potential leads for your business because it will collect contact information whenever someone registers on your webinar or virtual event.

6. Creating Health Topics For Seniors

I know senior might not be your top-most priority or first target audience when creating a pharmacy blog post.

But let me tell you, this idea will make your pharmacy blog post entirely unique. Seniors are considered essential people because they make up a large part of a pharmacy’s clientele.

So writing informative and engaging content that entices them will give you a significant advantage over other blogs you’ve created.

7. Reply To All The Comments

You can take an idea to create a new pharmacy blog post by going through previous blog posts. The best way to respond to comments is by taking a comment left on a previous post and creating a new post to start a discussion.

You can deliver more helpful information about the comment and give your opinion to users in your blog post. This idea will help you drive engagement and encourage regular reading.

8. Offer Downloadable Worksheets and Organizers

Downloadable worksheets and organizers are something that can make your client go happy. You can offer downloadable worksheets or organizers that help your clients keep daily track of their health.

Even if you’re offering a simple and easy-to-understand immunization record sheet, it will go a long way in emancipating your clients and generating enormous engagement with your unique pharmacy blog post.

9. Introduce Pharmacy Healthcare Services

There’s an old saying that “A trip to the pharmacy can save your money spending on your doctor.” Well, that’s entirely TRUE.

Create a blog post and discuss what major health concerns can be managed effectively by OTC drugs. OTC drugs refer to medicine that you can buy without having any prescription.
Also, you can discuss the types of prescriptions that a pharmacist can write for your health without going to a doctor.

10. Create Popular Influencer Guest Posts

The trend of promoting your business through influencers has become a potent marketing tool. You can connect with a professional healthcare influencer like a doctor having tons of subscribers or others who are widely popular among different social media networks and can give them a “pharmacy blog takeover.”

Create an influencer guest post about your professional healthcare influencer to whom you’ve contacted, add relevant information, talk about the interview session, and much other information that you think can add to your pharmacy blog post.

Your Pharmacy Blog Post Ideas Should Build Professional Reputation

Remember, your pharmacy blog post ideas are not meant to sell services; instead, they are meant for helping people grow their pharmacy business.

It’s not limited to offering helpful and informative content to users but building a strong reputation.

By adding relevant content and helping the audience, you’ll transform your web traffic into pharmacy customers and get social media shares.

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Final Thoughts

Your pharmacy blog post ideas must be reliable, relevant, and informative to attract potential customers and continuously win their hearts.

These independent pharmacy blog ideas should have given a clear way to up your digital game of the business.

As a pharmacy owner, coming up with different pharmacy blog post ideas, curating content, and updating is a challenging and tedious process.

The best way to make this process easier is by selecting reliable pharmacy marketing services that can help you grow your pharmacy business, and we are experts in this field.

We know how important it is to have a successful pharmacy marketing plan to grow an independent pharmacy.

Let our years of experience with great pharmacy marketing ideas help you uplift your pharmacy business; no matter whatever challenges we face, our professional team has a wide array of experience to elevate your pharmacy business.

If you’re looking to get started to transform your slow business into a boosting one, feel free to contact us now, and we’ll be there ready to help you!